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Assisting with his re-election campaign was an honor and provided me new insights of and appreciations for the political process and my hometown; here is what he had to say about my help/services:



Cort Stevens donated his time, energy and even loaned money to transform what would have been a catastrophic period for my husband and I into a tolerable, even comfortable one. Due to all the chaos that went on in our personal and professional lives (with extra doses of bad timing), when an associate told us that a personal assistant/caregiver named Cort Stevens was available for hire, we jumped at the opportunity for help—and boy was that a good decision!

Cort uses his sense of humor and good nature as he helps you, so you feel like life is being enhanced, even in the most difficult of times. He is hands down the best service assistant I have worked with. He knows how to quickly identify client needs from tech support and advisement to assistance interfacing with individuals in the healthcare industry to navigate the insurance claims maze. He sticks around when the going gets tough. He has a well-rounded knowledge base including WordPress, Gsuite, SEO and other products/niches, and he easily accessed his personal toolbox to apply that knowledge to his service assurance. He has built an excellent network of people from the automobile appreciation realm and runs his own website within that realm. I have only been Cort’s client for a couple of years and he has become a trusted professional connection of mine. I would recommend him for positions that require building bridges between people and technology, or customer and personal service jobs.

Note: CD Consulting Service was also a client and supporter of Daniel’s Cameron Content. Daniel died 03/15/2022.

Cort has been instrumental over the past year-and-a-half when I’ve finally gotten serious about my business writing career. What my clients don’t know is I have a one-man powerhouse behind all the writing I do for them. Using Google Docs collaborative writing feature, Cort and I have gone over almost all the writing I have done since June 2020, both for two major marketing agencies and several clients of mine. Cort always identifies things I didn’t see that would make my writing crisper, more flowing, and more accurate. I would recommend Cort for copyediting and proofreading in a heartbeat. He’s changed my career for the better again and again.


Thank you so much for getting my website, Danielle’s Healing Touch up and running again. I was ready to cancel everything and give up on having a website. We couldn’t have done it without you.


We have had Cort Stevens assisting us with several aspects of our not-for-profit environmental group, Elgin Green Groups 350, a local group of 350.org. The EGG350 website he developed is amazing. He employed new techniques to boost the visibility and promote visitors to the site. He adds information to share with other area environmental as well as business groups in the area whom we want to be familiar with EGG350. And, he developed an EGG350 Facebook page and revamped our EGG350 Facebook group. Since social media is a critical tool during the pandemic, as well as at other times, these ‘tools’ are more needed than ever before. He posts meeting announcements for us and adds the minutes of previous meetings, presenting them in a very readable way. Also, he has added great photos to show what we are hoping to preserve in the environment and to advertise the various kinds of renewable energies available. He has also worked with other NFP groups and businesses in the area to add their environmental information to our website and social media outlets; his work approaching these institutions helps get the word out. All of these aspects work together to help get information out to people about the critical climate emergency state we are in now. I have been very happy working with Cort and am amazed at how nice the website as well as the Facebook Page and Group looks. Eye catching, even for a difficult subject! Thanks Cort for all your help!