Services Offered

CD Consulting Service is happy to discuss any of these options for your business or project.

personal assistant

I’m an experienced personal assistant ready to help you. I love assisting people. I can be your foot-in-the-door for medical care, driver for errands or medical appointments, even clean & make light meals when you just don’t feel well. I can help navigate the maze of the health insurance referrals process. I am a whiz on the phone to manage billing & make multiple calls to set up appointments with your providers, lawyers, insurance gurus, or even qualify and coordinate entering a residential drug/alcohol treatment facility.

project consultant

I have the customizable keys to help you prepare for your next gig or job opportunity. My cover letter analysis and feedback are boosts. I offer tips and advice with resumes and in all necessary tasks to complete quality job or client applications. Once you land the client, I can provide corporate communication ideas or other support (such as copy editing and proofreading) to help you shine and secure ongoing projects. I also enjoy co-working, in person or virtually, providing ample support to stay focused and motivated.


Need to organize your home, business, or life?  Whether it is a room or full-scale redo, I can help you coordinate-adjust-catalog so you can get more stuff done & have more leisure time!

business / website / social media

…content creation
I enjoy all of these aspects of interaction. I’m experienced in multimedia, website design and maintenance, and enjoy old vehicles. I have personal social media & website experience from my hobby entertainment creation.


Writers are sometimes “too close” to the subject matter to notice mistakes or possible other ways to word thoughts. Hire me to be another pair of eyes on your materials to catch errors & suggest other ways to express what you want to project.

office management

entering & tracking orders:

My professional background is mostly customer service, so if you find yourself overwhelmed with & frustrated by either or both of these tasks, I can help. I always enjoy tracking orders to make sure customers are happy with the timely receipt of their chosen product.

paper filing system:

In college, I helped a professor re-organize her office document filing system. When I started, it was a mess; she had literally just put papers anywhere. I sifted through her cabinets & created a filing system that helped her find what she needed much faster.


If you have cabinets overflowing with papers & don’t relish the thought of going through your files to recycle or shred no longer needed documents to give yourself more space, hire me to do that to save you the time & headache!

computer files:

At Weber, our department had a shared computer drive. I mentioned it was difficult to navigate, with duplicate (& sometimes different) documents in multiple folders. I suggested changes, which my manager approved, & I re-organized the drive. The new format made it easier for all of us to find exactly what we needed in a timely manner so we could concentrate on accomplishing tasks.

deliveries / moving

I love to drive. I can save you time & money by delivering package(s) or item(s) to family, friends or customers.  I can also assist in some aspects of moving: packing & driving vehicles between locations, for instance.

home sitting

Going out of town but don’t want your home to be empty & unattended for the duration?  I will keep track of incoming mail, water plants, care for pets, etc., while you enjoy your vacation or take care of business!

road trip planning

I planned & executed various road trips, 2002-2011. The most-challenging was my September 2009 journey along famed Route 66. I created a place-by-place, town-by-town, hour-by-hour itinerary which I followed very well, impressing several Route 66 enthusiasts along the way. My other road trips were scheduled for visits with family & friends. Let me save you time with suggestions or drafting a schedule to fit your timeframe, needs & wants.

vehicle searches

I’ve purchased 11 cars & sold 9. Buying a vehicle is time consuming, with all sorts of resources & places to check, particularly online. Tell me your preferences so I can do the preliminary searching & narrow your choices, saving you valuable time from sifting through hundreds of vehicles not to your liking.

radio / playlists

“Music tells your story, seethes your anger, relaxes your worries, celebrates your excitement, embodies your emotions … from across the years & for multiple time periods & reasons … even if you can’t.” I wrote that 12/29/2012. I love music and have an eclectic mix of favorite songs, artists and genres. So, if you are trying to formulate a playlist for a special event or gathering, I can help create a special-unique mix that will spark memories, even if the whole world has forgotten. I have hosted my CD Showcase radio show on several local stations and look forward to finding a new broadcasting partner. You can see and hear me on the 11/22/2022 “Chamber Chat” episode (starting around the 31 minute mark), the Elgin Area Chamber radio program on Elgin IL’s WRMN 1410 AM.